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We had a lot of snow this past winter, and it has taken forever to melt.  The drifting over the TG was different than usual, with a storm that cut a tunnel near the windows, so this year the main part of the garden is melting out before the pond.

The TundraGarden makes its appearance.

The dried grass & willow branches have been showing for a week or so, but now they are out and signs of green are starting to show up.  The Artemisia arctica is just starting to send up shoots.

Artemisia arctica shoots.


Spider Plants & Wheat Grass

Yeah, I know.  Not exactly tundra plants.  But there’s still 4 feet of snow on the TundraGarden (although it’s melting fast), so inside has to do.

I have a Dracena which has lost a whole bunch of leaves and looks like an upside-down whisk or something, so I decided that the babies from the spider plant which happens to be sitting next to it would look just fine in the same pot.  So now they are bobby-pinned in place to set roots, and I’ll cut them loose once they are growing on their own.

The wheat grass is for the cat.  My husband found it in the pet store.  It comes in a packet, which you cut the top off, punch holes in the bottom and plant in.  The grass is supposed to grow in there…  We shall see.