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Christmas catus & Midnight Sun

The garden is less than pretty at the moment, since it’s rather grey and snowing right now.  So I though I’d put up a picture of one of the blossoms on the Christmas cactus that is blooming at the moment, taken the other night, backlit by midnight sun.

Cactus flower


Spider Plants & Wheat Grass

Yeah, I know.  Not exactly tundra plants.  But there’s still 4 feet of snow on the TundraGarden (although it’s melting fast), so inside has to do.

I have a Dracena which has lost a whole bunch of leaves and looks like an upside-down whisk or something, so I decided that the babies from the spider plant which happens to be sitting next to it would look just fine in the same pot.  So now they are bobby-pinned in place to set roots, and I’ll cut them loose once they are growing on their own.

The wheat grass is for the cat.  My husband found it in the pet store.  It comes in a packet, which you cut the top off, punch holes in the bottom and plant in.  The grass is supposed to grow in there…  We shall see.

New Super-duper Aerogarden

I just got a new extra-tall Aerogarden.  The regular deluxes are nice, but growing tomatoes of any size was a bit of a struggle.  Cherry tomatoes worked OK, but they just didn’t get high enough for bigger tomatoes, and indeterminate varieties kept growing out from under the lights.  This one gets higher, has more light, and a fancy pulley system to tie up the plants.  I hope to get it set up tomorrow and get going with some tomatoes.  Also need to start new herbs in the kitchen one.