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Talk on the TundraGarden


Yesterday I gave a talk on the TG to nearly 20 local folks!  It was part of a series, loosely centered on local food production, being put on by Ilisaġvik College as part of the Alaska Cooperative Extension Service.  I talked a bit about how the TG got started, showed a lot of plant & flower pictures and talked about how to get plants (step 1:  get permission of the land owner), and the cultural requirements of different plants.  I also talked a bit about water features & birds and animals in the garden.  The whole thing was taped, and when time permits will be edited and posted on BASCmedia’s YouTube channel.  I’ll put a link up then.

I also mentioned a number of books.  I’ve made a Book Lists page which I just put up.  I’ll add to it as I think of things.
I’m always happy to answer any questions.


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Spring is here!

Finally! The snow is melting fast, which is pretty much making a mud hole out of the “gravel” parking lot at work. It’s driving Maasak, the maintenance guy, nuts, because all he has time to do is sweep up the mud coming in on peoples’ boots.

Monday I was lucky enough to get 3 geese from friends who had been very fortunate on a hunting trip. Up here we like spring geese best, and the season closes soon to let them nest & raise the goslings in peace. It was nice, almost no wind, so I decided to clean them outside. It can be a bit messy, so I put on stuff that could wash easily, and ended up sitting outside in shorts & a sweatshirt plucking geese for a few hours.  I put my chair in the snow (to keep the birds cleaner if I dropped them). It was actually quite pleasant and sunny, with almost no wind until the very end, when a breeze came up and blew down back at me, pretty much covering me from head to toe.

In the process I dropped a couple of wings I had trimmed, and didn’t manage to pick them up, since I wanted to get the extra birds vacuum sealed and in the freezer ASAP.  Yesterday I got some more pictures of the TG, and the wings are visible in the one below, next to the grill.   That whole area was snow-covered at the beginning of the week.

I managed to get a couple more pictures.  The first just shows the sad state of the bathtub/pond with the Arctophylla.  It was nailed by someone clearing snow with a front end loader last winter, and clearly something needs to be done.  It means a lot of digging, and I think I’d like to replace it, but getting a preformed pond of any size up here is proving a challenge, and I’m not sure that the pond liner route would work too well in unstable gravel, since I’m not sure the edges would stay covered too well.

The garden is starting to grow a little, although most of it is still in snow, and it needs to be cleaned up a bit once that thaws.  I did get two pictures of new greenery.  The first is Ranunculus starting to come up.  I’m not sure which one; I’ve got two.  The second is buds on the willow just starting to break.

Hello world!

TundraGarden has moved over to WordPress.  Not that I was unhappy with Blogger, but I’ve got another blog that I needed more features for, and it’s easier to keep them in one place.

Spring is here, such as spring is in Barrow.   Snow buntings everywhere (time to put out seeds), whales being caught, ducks flying, people heading up inland for geese.  The TundraGarden itself is under about 4 feet of snow, so things may be a bit quiet here for a few weeks yet.