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Getting closer!

So yesterday I walked out the door on the way to work to see this:

Car with a good dusting of snow.

The garden was pretty snowy as well.  It didn’t stick, but this is the most we’ve had so far.

Snow on the garden



Winter is coming!

The tundra (and the TundraGarden) are changing color.

The pond had its first ice this morning, which lasted until after noon.

And there was a small drift of snow against the door…

Winter is coming…

First snow!

I woke up this morning to snow. It had stuck to the ground and to the vehicles. It wasn’t that heavy, and it’s gone now, but it was good to see.

First snow Fall 2011


Although apparently the official temperature in Barrow has not yet dropped below freezing, it clearly did out here.  The pond (which was actually installed over Labor Day weekend, but the post somehow never got past draft form until earlier today) had a thin skin of ice.

Ice on the new pond

Storm destroys pinwheel

I had gotten a set of three metal pinwheels, in hopes of putting one next to the ground for the house’s wiring, which for some reason the electrician planted in the garden. Possibly he thought the plants meant that there was actual ground there, as opposed to the gravel pad on which all of NARL sits, but really the whole garden is on top of the pad, so if that was crucial, the place still isn’t grounded.

Anyway, we’ve been having a big fall storm this weekend, with strong winds, and they pretty much destroyed the pinwheel.  There was minor coastal flooding, but that didn’t affect the garden.

Remains of the fallen pinwheel.

The wheel part was held on by a round nut, which presumably came unscrewed and fell into the snow.  I looked, but was unable to find it.  It will show up when the snow melts, although that may not be until June.

The rod that hold the pinwheel is actually two pieces that screw together, and they were almost unscrewed, so it appears that it must have come unscrewed due to changes in wind direction rotating the wheel, but why the wheel came unscrewed isn’t clear…

I’ll have to put one of the others out, since they do hide the grounding rod, or at least distract from it.

Northern Light

A couple days ago we had one of those gorgeous fall days that come along so rarely. Winds were calm for much of the day, and the sun was shining. Temperatures dropped overnight, and the lagoon behind my house froze over.

It has been snowing for a couple of weeks, but not sticking; now it is. The birds have mostly left for the south, with the exception of the gulls, who are waiting for fall whaling, which means feasting for them as well as the human community. A few were left, hopping around in the snow looking for seeds.