I live in Barrow,  Alaska.   I have a garden, which is certainly the farthest north garden in the United States, and maybe in all of North America.   This blog is mostly about that garden, as well as the various indoor substitutes/supplements I have for the 8 or 9 months a year when the Tundra Garden is snow-covered.


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  1. Hi,
    I will be heading up to Barrow in a few weeks to spend a month there with my sister who is a traveling nurse. I will be helping care for her children while taking a vacation at the same time. I am from Corvallis Oregon where I have a farm and hunt wild mushrooms seasonally (chanterelles, morels, porcini…). I was looking to network with people before I arrived and I found your blog which was very interesting to me since it involves indoor/ outdoor gardening. Any suggestions about what I should bring would be appreciated. I plan on bringing seeds for sprouting and plenty of dried food. I am hoping to make the most of my time there and learn as much as possible about the terrain, natives and wildlife. Any suggestions? Thank you, Jennifer Olsen

    • Hi,
      Believe it or not, it can be rather rainy (not usually heavy) in the summer, so rain gear is a must (it also works as a windbreaker) and boots if you are going tundra walking. Hats & fleece are also key. It is always windy, so hat that won’t blow off are key.

      Binoculars are handy for looking at birds. You probably want a bird guide. You can get by with Peterson’s Western birds, although Sibley is more complete. Plants are tougher. There are some Alaskan guides, but most of them aren’t very complete when it comes to Barrow-area plants. Hulten is, but it is expensive and non-portable. There are actually a fair number of fungi. Gary A. Laursen at UAFairbanks is the expert. He spent 4 years at NARL here in Barrow.

      We have 3 grocery stores, with really high prices, except for meat. Full Circle Farms actually delivers here, and given that their stuff is usually fresh (unlike the stuff in the stores which may be half spoiled when you get it) and they give credits if it isn’t, I think it comes out about even. One thing they don’t seem to have is anything but cremini, and the stores here don’t either. If you have some way to raise mushrooms indoors, it would be really cool. The air tends to be dry here.

  2. themushroomery@gmail.com

    I appreciate your advice, thank you! I am glad to know I can have access to organic produce through Full Circle Farms.

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