I am in Iceland at the moment, reportedly missing some really nice flowers in the TundraGarden.  The other day I went for a walk in Reykjavik, and saw some forget-me-nots by a fence.  I’m not sure if they were native or not, since there were a number of double-flowered columbines there which I am quite sure aren’t native.  The forget-me-nots were fairly tall, but the flowers were tiny and rather pale.

Forget-me-nots in Iceland.

Forget-me-nots in Iceland.

The ones I have at home are shorter (although getting taller with warmer weather–soon they will be as tall as they were when I got them in Point Hope) and much bluer.

Forget-me-not in Barrow

Forget-me-nots in Barrow


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One response to “Forget-me-nots

  1. Do you have any plants from northern Europe growing outside? Cudos to you, you are the most extreme zone-bender…ever harvest anything to eat from the outside? Ever consider growing a super hardy tree like a dwarf Dahurian Larch? They are hardy to zone 1…

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