Monthly Archives: June 2012

A bit of rain…

…has really lead to a rapid greening-up of much of the garden, although the bits that were under the really deep snow are behind.  Right now, the potentillas & buttercups are going strong, so there are yellow flowers everywhere.

Yellow flowers of all sorts.

Dwarf buttercups.

Mosses have been spreading over the years (with encouragement).  Some of them are reproducing (blooming?, fruiting?) at the moment.

Moss reproducing.

Moss by whalebone.



Yesterday the flowers started blooming in the Tundra Garden.  The snow melted a bit oddly this year, so the snow buttercups,

First snow buttercups

a few potentillas,

A single Potentilla

and the Diapensia

Diapensia in bloom

all came out at once.  I noticed that the buttercups weren’t this far along until Solstice last year, which is a bit surprising considering all the snow.

The Arctophila in the new pond is just starting to show.  The old tub hasn’t been hauled away yet, and the Arctophila in the is actually farther along, despite the new pond being black and the tub being white.  The tundra ponds are dark, so I doubt the new pond is too hot…

OK, that took a while…

The last post was a bit optimistic.  The rest of March was really cold, and the snow didn’t melt completely off the Tundra Garden until a few days ago.  Now it is bare, but still pretty brown.

Tundra Garden, June 2012