Monthly Archives: September 2011

First snow!

I woke up this morning to snow. It had stuck to the ground and to the vehicles. It wasn’t that heavy, and it’s gone now, but it was good to see.

First snow Fall 2011


Although apparently the official temperature in Barrow has not yet dropped below freezing, it clearly did out here.  The pond (which was actually installed over Labor Day weekend, but the post somehow never got past draft form until earlier today) had a thin skin of ice.

Ice on the new pond


New Pool installed

As I mentioned a while ago, the pond (AKA bathtub) had been badly damaged by a front-end loader. I had ordered a replacement plastic pond, but hadn’t found time to install it. Finally, Glenn & I got around to doing it today.

We were very lucky to get some help getting the old cast-iron bathtub out of the ground and moved aside from some fellows working by our house. Thanks guys! You saved us hours.

Glenn standing by the discarded bathtub pool

The replacement came in a box, and had to be unrolled. We let it “relax” inside, per instructions, & even heated it with a hair dryer to help the process. Unfortunately, it showed a tendency to curl back up when it was outside in the 40F temps we have. Since the pad is gravel and there already was a hole where I wanted to put it, it was impossible to dig a hold to conform to the pool outline (it came with templates & that would have been easy in a silt loam or clay), so the edges don’t look great. We weighted them, and will try mounding gravel up & over them.

Pool in place