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Wanted: Attractive Plant Markers

Since the TundraGarden is in part a display garden so I can show people examples of tundra plants without having to go on a hike on the tundra, it has had plant markers from the beginning. However, the originals have been by people walking on them when the snow is on the ground (the power meter was installed so the reader has to stand in the garden), and so forth, and the etched copper has somehow failed to resemble the pictures in the catalog, instead becoming ugly AND illegible. I need to get new ones.

If anyone has any suggestions where I can find nice ones that can be ordered by phone or on the Internet, please leave me a comment. Thanks in advance!


Giant-flowered willows!

The willows are in full flower.  Since willows here are pretty tiny, growing horizontally rather than vertically for the most part (although they seem to be trying to grow up a bit as the climate warms), the flowers really stand out, since they are about twice as high as the plants themselves.  I’m not sure they are really any bigger than flowers on willows elsewhere, but they are definitely more noticeable.

Once you notice them, it turns out they are really quite beautiful in their own quiet way.  The light was great this afternoon, a high bright fog, so I took a few pictures.

A veritable forest of willow flowers.

Willow flowers from ground level (with a couple saxifrages in bud for variety)

Bug's-eye view of willow flowers.

Another type of willow in close-up.

Close-up of willow flowers.