A new pond?

There used to be a pond in the TundraGarden, which we had constructed out of a cast iron bathtub which was discarded when the bathroom in our house was upgraded.  Unfortunately, some over-vigorous snow removal wound up ripping it out of the ground and deforming it, and it just wasn’t the same.  The snow removal operation came within 2 inches of driving one of the piling pieces which frame the main garden into an exposed natural gas line, which would probably have ruptured & maybe blown up the place, so it really was a bit too aggressive.

Anyway, I’ve been tossing around a replacement.  It needed to be fairly deep, since the arctophylla I’m growing there wants some water depth to grow right.  The preformed ponds that had that depth were all insanely expensive to ship here, and I wasn’t too eager to get into the whole underlayment/pond liner thing given how windy it can be here.  I just found a new type of pond that is preformed but flexible, and comes rolled up, so I’ve ordered one, and am waiting eagerly.  The replanting won’t be fun; mucking around in freezing cold water never is, never mind what sort of insulated gloves you wear.

The snow is completely off the garden.  I was going to get some pictures to put up, but was picking paint flakes out of the willows, stood up and smashed my head on the much larger meter base the electricians installed last year.  It sticks way out from the pole.  Saw stars, so there will be pictures in a day or so.


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  1. i like these…

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