Spring is taking its sweet time getting to Barrow

By now, patches of tundra should be showing, and the Tundra Garden should at least be peeking through snow cover. Instead, there is still lots of snow everywhere, at least 3 feet on the TG! Birds are here, and expecting to make nests, but there is nowhere for them to put them. I’m not sure what they are going to do if it doesn’t melt pretty soon.

Despite that, there is plenty of mud, getting tracked in everywhere and making life tough for janitors and moms. The roads are a mess, with deep potholes all over, sometimes hidden by huge puddles, some of which are big enough to be ponds, at least. Driving is a nightmare, with trucks breaking tie rods and axles, and people getting jolted all over. A fellow I know had a couple of kids with him, one of whom apparently unbuckled at a stop. He hit a big pothole before she got buckled in, and she flew up, and smacked the window with her head hard enough to break it! Amazingly, she’s OK, with just a little egg.


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