Almost ready for a little clipping!

Everything is up, and the green basil and the chives are actually far enough along that I’m going to be able to start snipping a few bits of for cooking.

The “replace bulb” light is on, and it’s proving a challenge to get the bulbs up here due to insane shipping charges. I’m ordering a set, but I’m going to order more shipped free to my mom’s & bring them up next time I visit. Don’t need to spend over $20 to get two little bulbs mailed. Total rip-off.


2 responses to “Almost ready for a little clipping!

  1. Hi Anne,Hope you see this. So sorry you've stopped blogging. I've been in from time to time to see if there was any news, but I suspect you've given up. If you feel like it, do leave a comment on my blog saying how things have been going. I moderate everything, so if you like I don't need to publish it. Just treat it as an e-mail. Hope you'll reply.Sue

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