New Round in the Aerogardens

It’s been a while. (Life intervened, which I may explain in a later post if I get to it.)

At any rate, the Aerogarden with herbs in it did well, the basils lasting until almost Christmas. I could have kept them going longer, but they’d sort of outgrown it and gotten woody. Also the roots had sort of grown everywhere, including into the pump & water level sensor it turned out. So I pulled the plug.

Today I started another set of seven (mint, 2 basils, dill, thyme, chives, and parsley). We’ll see if they do as well as the last lot.

I’m planning to get the other one going on mesclun, I think. The tomatoes were OK, but they’ve got a new model with about a foot of extra height, and I think that would be the ticket for tomatoes. I really need to find a place for about 3-4 more of these & we could do pretty welll.


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