Status of the Aerogardens for those who are wondering

The Aerogardens are chugging along. The pictures above are from late January. All the herbs (above) did quite well, although the basils seemed particularly happy. They are still going strong, although the purple basil is getting somewhat odd looking leaves. The dill also did well, but a few weeks ago it just died, although it had not gone to seed. The mint has more or less overwhelmed the parsely at this point.
In January the tomatoes were not up to the light, and had started growing fruit, although none had ripened. Now we’re getting the second flush of ripe tomatoes, and more are coming (both the yellow and red cherries seem to be inderterminate). I personally think the red are much tastier, but hey, fresh tomatoes in Barrow in April…..


4 responses to “Status of the Aerogardens for those who are wondering

  1. Amazing…fresh tomatoes indoors, in April!

  2. Good to see! I think mint trumps anything else, anywhere. You’d wonder why they’d sell you indeterminate tomatoes when you only have a limited space to grow them in? I’d think the smaller types would work better.

  3. Seems to me most cherry tomatoes I’ve grown (not that many, I liked the full-size heirlooms) were sort of indeterminate. It does at least let them keep making flowers & setting fruit, and they seem to be very tolerant of pruning to keep them under the lights. The red ones definitely taste better. They have a taller Aerogarden now, which I plan on trying as soon as I find a place to put it….

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