In Which the Saga Resumes

There has been rather a lag between posts here. The garden was just sitting there for months under snow, and I got busy with life. But it’s really starting to take off now, so here’s an update.

The snow started to melt back in May.

May 10

May 20th

The garden really got exposed around the end of May. It didn’t look all that beautiful, pretty much brown and tan, with just a few specks of green struggling through the dead plants from last year.

This is May 28th, and a rather foggy day it was, too. The front of the willow tundra area and the little bowl for ranunculus were exposed, as was the bathtub which is gradually (oh so gradually) being turned into a water feature for some rather nice tundra pond plants I want. The earliest of the plants were just starting to put forth green shoots at this point.

At this point I took a trip to upstate NY to take my daughter to spend part of the summer at my Mom’s place. I was within a couple miles of Sign of the Shovel‘s town garden (maybe less–I did spend some time in Saratoga while I was home), but mostly I did some pruning and weeding, and spent a lot of time talking garden design with one of my brothers who has moved home from Philadelphia. He’s a landscape artist
with an MFA who got into landscaping to pay the rent (landscpae painting being less than trendy these days) and evolved into a landscape designer. He’s really got a good command of plants, and can see what things will look like down the road (and paint it for that matter) and has some pretty neat ideas for reviving and renewing the gardens at my Mom’s.


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